Meet Agatha.

Your Smart Safety Assistant

Let your loved ones automatically know when you are at risk without pressing any buttons

Smart Peace of Mind

Agatha uses Artificial Intelligence to understand the data from the sensors on your Smart Watch (speed, altitude, heart rate) so she knows what type of activity you are performing and when something is not right.

She also gets smarter through time.

Never Alone Again

Always with you

Go for a run, a walk, cycle to work or even at home. Agatha will automatically detect if you unexpectedly stop, asking if you need help. In case you are unable to confirm you are OK, she will immediately alert your pre-selected contacts.

Automatic Alert

A message with your location will be sent to your pre-selected contacts without pressing any buttons. Agatha will do it for you.

Tell your contacts

Select your contacts and let them know you are using Agatha, so they are aware in the case of an emergency.

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